How does an engine test for my car work?

You can see a brief impression of how easy, reliable and fast MOTORcheckUP is to perform. If you have any questions please get in touch.

A one-off test suitable when you want to test the health of the engine (all 4-stroke engines) or of the occasion you want to buy. With the MOTORcheckUP single you test the health of the engine on 4 elements;

• Oil grime
• Oil condition
• Condens or colling water in the oil
• Fuel in the oil

After applying a drop to the test card, compare the image and colors created by the oil drop with the illustrations in the brochure. The most precious part of the car is the engine. By recognizing potential flaws and defects in time, you can save money, prolong service life, and increase performance. You can use MOTORcheckUP to regularly check your engine or when selling or buying a vehicle.

If support is desired for the interpretation of the test results please get in touch.

If you want to regularly test the health of the engine, we recommend the ‘Six test’.