Workshop Theo van der Heijden

As a workshop, we recently launched MotorCheckup. After a good practical explanation and some trial tests, it soon became clear that the Checkup offers clear benefits. We now carry out the tests at MOTs, tyre changes and repairs. We often see a lot of overdue maintenance in customers who only agree to an MOT.

Performing the Checkup is a tool we use to demonstrate the condition of the engine oil. It is therefore immediately clear to the customer that a timely oil change is really necessary. Through visual support, we can better explain to customers why it is important to change the oil, and what the consequences can be if it is not carried out in time.

We think the big advantages to Motor Checkup are the simplicity of use, the visual explanation to the customer and the speed at which the test is performed.

Mercedes-Benz Forum

The Mercedes- Benz Forum celebrated its 10th anniversary this year reason to organise a festive event. MOTORcheckUP contributed.

Raimon from the MB Forum explained and tested a MOTORcheckUP 8x with a group of about 6-10 people during the event. In 7 tests, we were able to match the story with the car’s usage. In 1, the oil was so black and old that the scale on the card was too small.
Many people were enthusiastic and in favour of using it as a tool when buying a car maintenance or mid-term check. They all have the information along for ordering in the shop. Here also 2 random photos.

Consumer Rob

My BMW leaked coolant every few hundred kilometres I had to top up a 1/2 litre. My garage (BMW dealer) suggested depressurising the cooling system but also gave causes resulting in high costs.

With MOTORcheckUP, I was able to demonstrate that there was no coolant in the oil . So the leak was clearly outside the engine. Found the cause quickly and was able to repair it, preventing larger costs. MOTORcheckUP has served me well.


Aart Hoogendoorn

Oil test is working perfectly
I tested 4 cars, with good visible results.
Read all the descriptions and you can indeed see whether the engine is dirty, or the oil, or whether there is coolant or fuel, or condensed water in the oil.

You no longer refresh too early or too late! Moreover, problems become apparent in a timely manner. I could do 4 cars on 1 test sheet. Great test and cheap at ANWB.