Why engine testing is essential for your car’s health

Welcome to our informative page where we dive deep into the importance of engine testing for every car owner. Understanding why regular engine checks and maintenance are essential can mean the difference between a well-performing car and unforeseen mechanical problems.


The importance of engine testing

The engine is the heart of your car; it provides the power needed to get and keep your vehicle moving. Just like the doctor who can see with a tube of blood whether the patient is healthy or request examination is needed. Here are some key reasons why engine testing is a step not to be ignored in maintaining your car:

Preventing costly repairs

  • Early detection of problems can help prevent expensive repairs in the future. Regular engine tests can identify potential problems before they become serious.

Extending the life of the car

  • By making sure your engine is functioning optimally, you extend the life of your car. This means less wear and tear on parts and better overall performance.

Fuel efficiency

  • A well-maintained engine runs more efficiently, leading to better fuel economy. This means that regular engine tests can save you money in the long run.


  • Occupant safety is paramount. A failing engine can lead to accidents or dangerous situations on the road. By testing your engine, you make sure your car is safe to drive.


auto motor testen zelf doen
engine testing car oil

How do engine tests work?

Very simple! Drop a drop of oil from the dipstick onto the test card and let it mature. Using the reference brochure provided, compare the image on the test card with the refetion images. MOTORcheckUP checks the following 4 elements:

  • Engine contamination
  • Oil condition
  • Condensation or cooling water in the oil
  • Fuel in the oil

Why choose professional engine testing?

In most cases, MOTORcheckUP tests are enough to determine whether everything is fine or whether further diagnosis is needed. You can of course also have an engine oil analysis carried out at a laboratory depending on what you want to have checked you will receive a comprehensive analysis. MOTORcheckUP are used by many experts because it quickly tests is often enough to identify the cause of a defect. If more information is desired, then in second insantie one has a laboratory test performed.


By regularly performing a test, you will know whether everything is in order so that you can drive safely or you will be able to identify possible defects in time, and by fixing them you will save costs. Contact our experts for more information on how to keep your car in top condition.