MOTORcheckUP iDiA introduction

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So easy is MOTORcheckUP iDiA

With this test from MOTORcheckUP, you no longer have to determine the test result yourself. We will do this for you If you don’t want to interpret the test results by your selves then the iDiA test is your best choice. You receive by mail an iDiA test report. The MOTORcheckUP iDiA test card is supplied as follows;

  • 1x iDiA test card
  • Instruction to perform the test correctly

Register your iDiA test card

1. Register at use the QR code on the card or fill in the provided form

This requires a few details:

  • License plate
  • Mileage of the car and oil running time (number of km after last oil change)
  • your mailaddress

2. Place 1 drop of oil from the dipstick (oil filler cap if no dipstick) in the centre of the test card. Wait for oil to be absorbed by the test card.

3. Send the test card back to MOTORcheckUP the same day in the envelope provided including a stamp.

5. Upon receipt of your test card, we will process it the same day. You will receive by e-mail the test report with all data in PDF format.


MOTORcheckUP iDiA is a simple, quick and sure diagnosis system to test the health of all 4-stroke diesel or petrol engines. Remove oil dipstick and drop a drop of engine oil on the test card. Ready! Let the oil drop dry for a while and send it the same day to us with the provided return envelope. We will send you the iDiA test report by e-mail after receiving it.

MOTORcheckUP analyses:

  • Engine contamination
  • Condition of the engine oil (oil condition)
  • Water / cooling water in the engine oil
  • Fuel in the oil

The test results indicate possible causes and consequences and give you a recommendation for possible follow-up steps.


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