MOTORcheckUP “Single Test” 10 pieces


This is 10 times a one-off test extremely suitable when you want to test the health of engines during maintenance, breakdowns, diagnosis or of second-hand cars you want to trade in or buy.
The MOTORcheckUP test consists of the following parts;

  • 10x MOTORcheckUP Single test
  • 1x Reference brochure, flyer
  • User manual, work instruction
  • Support

Ideal for car companies, experts to get acquainted or already experienced with MOTORcheckUP. You visually demonstrate whether there is a defect or whether the engine is functioning optimally.

MOTORcheckUP is a simple, quick and sure diagnosis system to test the health of all 4-stroke diesel or petrol engines. Remove oil dipstick and drop a drop of engine oil on the test card. Ready! The oil drop transforms into a picture. Compare the results on the test card with the illustrations in the reference brochure provided. You will have an initial result after 15 to 30 minutes.

MOTORcheckUP analyses:

  • Engine contamination
  • Condition of the engine oil (oil condition)
  • Water / cooling water in the engine oil
  • Fuel in the oil

The test results indicate possible causes and consequences and give you a recommendation for possible follow-up steps.


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